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Yes we ship our kittens!

While our first preference is that the new family come to our home to pick up their kitten, we realize that this is not always possible.  For this reason we offer shipping for our long distance customers.  All we ask is that the families be flexible on pick up dates as shipping a kitten(s) is a day long adventure for us.

The kitten(s) will be shipped to your closest airport!

**Payment for shipping must be sent to us a minimum of 5 days prior to the kitten's expected departure.

Within Canada:

Via West Jet Cargo

$450 - $650 CAD

Provincial Rates

Shipping to USA:

Via United Airlines Pet Safe

$500 USD

We do not ship International at this time.

We may be able to deliver kittens (or meet part way) for those in a reasonable driving distance.

We will charge for gas and time!

Our rate is $25 per hour for both ways.

For longer trips, that may require a hotel stay (5+ hrs one way), a discount or package rate will apply.

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