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Scottish Kilt


Short Legs & Folded Ears



Scottish Kilt Variant Fold

Long Legs & Fold Ears



Scottish Kilt Variant Munchkin

Short Legs & Straight Ears



Scottish Kilt Variant Straight

Long Legs & Straight Ears (BSH Type)


The above prices are subject to change without notice.  We will honor the previous prices for those who have already placed a deposit.  These are the current 2022 prices.

What these prices include

All pet kittens will be sold already spayed/neutered*

The price of the kitten will include his/her spay or neuter*, microchipping, regular deworming, three vaccinations (please note the vaccinations do not include rabies unless the kitten will be shipped out of country), TICA registration papers, 6 weeks free pet insurance, and a kitten take home pack.  

Breeders please contact us with detailed information about yourself and your breeding program.

*Unless stated otherwise

Forms of payment: Cash, eTrans, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card

How we determine the price of our kittens

There are several factors we have taken into account when pricing our kittens.  The first, and most impactful, is the vet bills associated with raising these little babies.  Each kitten will undergo $800+ worth of vet treatments before leaving our cattery.  On top of that, is the cost of food, litter, toys etc.

We also keep an eye on current market values.  We are not interested in undercutting the prices of other breeders, nor are we going to undervalue our kittens because someone is selling theirs 'cheaper'.

Remember, you get what you pay for!

Circle Of Life is currently the ONLY Cattery in Canada selling TICA registered Kilts!!

We DO NOT negotiate or haggle prices!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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