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Circle Of Life is a  dual TICA  & CFF   Registered Cattery that is dedicated to breeding happy and healthy kittens!

Founded in 2014, we are a husband and wife team, living in 'middle of nowhere' Saskatchewan, that would like to share the joys of owning a Munchkin!  This whole adventure really took shape with the purchase of our amazing boy Milo, a Blue Point Domestic Short Hair kitten.  We soon realized we had found a very unique and wonderful young man.  He was laid back, cuddly, and so good with our three dogs (we own 2 Corgis and Miniature Dachshund... clearly we have a thing for short legs).  Previously we had discussed the idea of breeding Munchkins but now it was time to make it a reality.


Several months later, after hours and hours of research and preparation, we got to meet our first Munchkin in the flesh.  Well actually we got to meet two!  Olive and Nova, two Munchkin littermates, left the big city in Ontario and from the moment their tiny paws hit the carpet, they took over the house.  Milo instantly fell in love with them, and we knew we had something good going on here.


A little over a year later, we welcomed our first Munchkin litter from Milo and our spunky girl Nova.  She brought us 5 beautiful baby boys!  Six weeks after that, Olive followed suit and delivered 5 handsome fellas as well.  These two litters were all it took for us to realize that breeding was our true passion.  All kittens have since been placed, and several more kittens have been reserved from future breedings.  The response has been amazing!

Please note Milo and Nova have since been retired from our breeding program.










2016 has brought the exciting start to our new Gaelic Fold/Scottish Kilt breeding program!  We purchased our sire Meeko in early 2015, and like the two girls before him, he flew to Sask to become a part of our little family.  Meeko is a CFF and TICA Registered Gaelic Fold/Scottish Kilt, meaning he has short legs and folded ears.  He is definitely a show stopper!  We get emails regarding him on a weekly basis... sorry everyone, this boy will not be leaving us for some time.  ;)

Just a few weeks after getting Meeko, we decided we had better plan for a future mating with him.  What we found was a beautiful, well bred, British Shorthair and instantly fell in love.  This girl crossed the border from the US and has been an amazing addition.  Purrcilla is also dual registered and just brought us our first Gaelic Fold litter in July 2016.  Words cannot express how pleased we are with their babies, and we look forward to many more beauties from these two.

In June 2016 we had yet another addition to our growing fur family.  Not one, but two Scottish Straight females came to us all the way from Ukraine!  That's right, these girls are international travellers with pedigrees to match.  We could not be more pleased with the personality and conformation of Petra and Rogue, and are so happy to add them to our ever growing household!

If anyone in the area would like to come and meet a Munchkin, just ask!  When we have newborn kittens we do not allow many visitors, more for respect of our mom's and the health of the kittens, but otherwise we love to have interested families come to our home and see our cats first hand.


Thank you for visiting our website!  We update this page on a weekly basis so please check back often and don't hesitate to contact us!

                                                                                                      Kristen & Cary


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